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Our Virginia-based brewery and our beers are inspired by a sense of place, strong familial ties, and working the earth; and these are also values we see in our southwest Virginia neighbors.
At Sweetbay, you will find we have a zest for life, love of the outdoors, and reverence for the natural processes that make beer and plants for us all to enjoy.

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Propagation. Preservation. Renewal.

Without our help, the earth just… works it out. Plants grow and flourish how they like as they get what they need. Microbes do the same as they get those good things from plants. And that’s what we love to celebrate–that the earth works it out. That is the story of fermentation.

As humans, we wish to take part in what the earth has to offer. We propagate–we make, with our hands, the conditions to make processes flourish, and things grow. We preserve–we create, condition, store, and enjoy that which the earth gives us. We enjoy the renewal–by our innovation and creativity, newness comes to
the table.


This week @ Sweetbay

Wed 5/17: Trivia 7-9pm
Thur 5/18: Open Mic w/ Logan Fritz
‍Sat : Momma Molasses plays Sweetbay Live
Sun 1/7: Sunday Day of Jazz & Funk w/ Hen House Food truck 12-6pm

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Special Events

Sweetbay is a community house.
From Trivia Nights to Concerts, see what's happing this month.

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Bring the whole family

With spacious and inviting spaces, we provide a haven where families can unwind and bond while parents indulge in our carefully crafted brews.


& Unwind

We welcome you, craft beer enthusiasts, brewery-goers from all walks of life. Sweetbay is committed to providing a friendly environment for you to gather, unwind, and enjoy together. Always feel free to bring your attended kiddos, and/or doggos on their leash.

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Owner / Head Brewer

Passion for the Craft

Patrick is a proud native of the Virginia Appalachians, was born and raised in Roanoke, and has family ties to Wythe County that go back several generations. He has been an avid home fermentationist since 2009; and in 2017, he followed a passion he had developed for homebrewing to Durham, North Carolina to a career change into commercial brewing. While living in NC, he met and eventually married Jupiter, Florida-native, Leanne, who had “always wanted to marry a red-headed Virginian and live in the mountains.” When he isn’t making silly faces at our son Jack, Patrick likes playing disc golf and basketball, growing food and cooking with it, riding his bike, and quaffing a cold pint of crisp pilsner after a long day of smelling hot mash and wort cooking.

Owner / Operations

Nurtured with Care

Clemson-grad Leanne has lived in the proper south since she moved to South Carolina for college in 2009. She has a master’s in horticulture and is currently launching a mail-order nursery off of Alvarado Rd. in Abingdon, specializing in woody trees and shrubs, specialty grafts, and other interesting perennials and annuals. When she isn’t tending to our young son Jack, Leanne enjoys disc golf, reading history books in the tub, and shooting the breeze at the bar over a pint of hoppy ale.

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149 Deadmore St SE,
Abingdon, VA 24210

3PM - 9PM
3PM - 9PM
3PM - 9PM
12PM - 9PM
12PM - 6PM